Practical Information

Our cancellation policy (Article 4 of General Rental Terms and Conditions)

Any rental cancellation must be notified by e-mail. According to the booking’s cancellation date and/or subscribed offer, all or part of the stay’s amount will be billed to the Tenant with the following conditions :

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Standard Offer

- Cancellation requested by the Tenant, more 15 (fifteen) days before the start rental date : the booking deposit (30%) already paid will be reimbursed less the sum of 50 (fifty) euros to cover the booking fees.

- Cancellation requested by the Tenant, less 15 (fifteen) days before the start rental date : the Tenant will be liable to pay the full amount due under the location except if the « gîte » is successfully rented to a third party, following the cancellation and for the same period. In this case, all monies paid to the Owner will be returned to the Tenant except 50 (fifty) euros for fixed booking fees.

- Without notice of stay’s cancellation or cancellation on the same day than intended arrival date : the full amount of the stay will be invoiced to the Tenant as a compensation.

- In case of early departure during the stay, the total of the rental amount shall remain the Owner’s property.

- In the event of a Covid 19 health crisis, and notwithstanding the above, the Owner will accept requests for last minute changes and cancellations requested by e-mail before arrival date (by default 17h) following new containment measures or traffic restrictions established by the government. The Tenant may, in such a context, request :

• A full refund of the sums previously paid for his booking accommodation minus a sum of fifty (50) euros to cover the booking fees ;

• Or a credit corresponding to the amount of sums previously paid with a validity period of 18 months. If the price of the new stay made within this period of 18 months is higher than that of the initial stay, the tenant will have to pay a supplement.

Non-refundable, non-cancellable and non-modifiable offer called "non-refundable" Offer

The Tenant cannot claim any refund.

Failure to arrive in the accomodation

If the Tenant fails to arrive in the accommodation within 24 hours of the planned arrival date, the contract concluded between the Owner or his Representative and the Tenant shall be deemed to be nil. The Owner can also re-let the « gîte ». The entire amount due for the stay will also be for the Owner.