Our Home and its four bedrooms

The "Alexandre Dumas" room and “The Birds’room”

The "Alexandre Dumas" room

The “Alexandre Dumas” room: a distinguished gourmet, he wrote a “Great dictionary of cooking”, which talked about one of his most ardent passion: gastronomy. Alexandre Dumas held a particular interest in wine, writing an entire chapter on what he called the “intellectual part of the meal” (the meat only being the material part). This prestigious author recalls that “a long time before the brilliant qualities of the Champagne wine and the Bordeaux wine, we had discovered the Bourgogne wine”.

In memory of the Three Musketeers or of the Count of Monte-Cristo’s author, this room from the former quarters has been dedicated to him. The atmosphere is particularly intimate, with its dark green walls, its apparent beams and ancient floor tiles.

By staying in this room, you will be provided with a very high-quality bedding of the brand Bedding and Beyond(180x200 cm), luxurious bed linen from the brand Bergan, a bathroom with multi-jets shower, top bathroom amenities as well as a safe and a system of air conditioning. 

“The Birds’room”

The “Bird’s room”: Although Burgundy is reputed to be the country of wine, it is also recognised for its natural wildlife, more especially the birds. Most birds live by day although you will be able to hear owls from the neighbouring park during the night. Let yourselves be immersed by their voices, which Gerard de Nerval said were “pure, simple and touching”.

To reflect the nature outside, we set this room with calming colours. 2 beds of very high quality from the brand Bedding and Beyond(90 x 200 cm) which you can bring together are there for you. We also provide you with luxurious bedding linen from the brand Bergan. You will also be able to enjoy an all comfort bathroom with a balneotherapy bathtub as well as its WC and the welcoming VIP amenity products. The room is also fitted with air conditioning.

The "Jean de La Fontaine" room and “The Harvesting room”

The "Jean de La Fontaine" room

“The hare and the tortoise,” “the cicada and the ant,” “Cities ‘rats, fields ‘rats,” “the frog who wanted to be bigger than the ox”… Jean de la Fontaine’s poems are numerous and gave the author worldwide recognition. In general, those poems which ended with a morale had an animal as hero, but the vine, wine and grape equally played a vital role in the imagination of this prestigious poet. A consecration.

You will therefore be able to enjoy this room while mediating over the morale of the story of “the Fox and the Grapes” or “The Deer and the vine”.

Comfort and refinement will accompany you all along your reflexion with two beds of very quality from the brand Bedding and Beyond(90x200) which can be brought into one bed, luxurious bed linen from the brand Bergan, a bathroom with a multi-jet showerhead and WC, top bathroom amenities and a system of air conditioning. 

“The Harvesting room”

“The Harvesting room”: Choose this room if you want to have the most relaxing time, in this room which evokes the winemaking past of the house. Simple and comfortable, with very nice lightning, this room’s soft atmosphere will seduce you.

You will be able to enjoy a very high-quality large bed from the brand Bedding and Beyond (160 x 200 cm), luxurious bed linen from Bergan, a bathroom with a balneotherapy bathtub, VIP welcoming products, and a system of air conditioning.