Our Wellness Experiences

Take advantage of your stay to live a Wellness Expérience

Cocooning and absolute relaxation guaranteed in the expert hands of our partners!

Wellness parenthesis with private relaxology sessions

Would you open yourself up to immediate wellness? To release bodily and intellectual tensions in order to make you feel relaxed and calm?
We offer you the possibility to book, within the Gîte Les Sarments, one or several private relaxology sessions during your stay. This relaxation and meditation technique is offered by our partner, Noémie, Member of the French Federation of Traditional Reiki.

Offer subject to availability and exclusively offered for sale to Gîte Les Sarments’ customers.

Meditative Relaxation : release of body and mind tensions

The practitioner performs meditation work while placing his or her hands on specific points on your body

60 minutes : 95€

Mindfulness Relaxology: energy optimisation in everyday life

Based on the same approach, it is a simplified form of meditative relaxation

30 minutes : 60€
2 sessions minimum

Wellness parenthesis with massage sessions

Treat yourself to a relaxing break far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life by enjoying the benefits of one of our massages.

Offer subject to availability and exclusively offered for sale to Gîte Les Sarments’ customers.

DEEP-TISSUE massage : an intense feeling of wellness

It helps the muscles to relax deeply. This massage includes the body, face and scalp.

90 minutes : 125€

CALIFORNIAN massage : deep relaxation

A succession of long, fluid and harmonious movements throughout the body for a deep relaxation of body and mind.

60 minutes : 95€

BALINESE massage : relaxation and vitality

It harmonises body and mind. Alternating slow and fast movements, stretching and manoeuvres with the forearms.

60 minutes : 95€

FOOT REFLEXOLOGY : To reduce stress and tension

A specific touch applied to the foot reflex areas for detecting and relieving muscle tensions and pain

60 minutes : 95€

HEAD SPA massage : delightful moment of release.

A massage concept for the face, the scalp and the neck which provides an intense sensation of well-being.

25 minutes : 65€
To combine with another massage or face care

Wellness parenthesis with face cares

Take advantage of your stay in Les Sarments and award yourself with a relaxation break far from our overbooked
and stressful lives. . Entrust your face in the expert hands of our aesthetician.

Offer subject to availability and exclusively offered for sale to Gîte Les Sarments’ customers.


The perfect alliance of sensoriality and efficacy, this treatment includes both a texture packed with shimmering colors, and high-performance active ingredients that flood the skin with well-being and a feeling of complete hydration.
All types of dehydrated skin.

60 minutes : 90€


A complete treatment to restore youth and vitality. The skin is enchanted by the exquisite and elegant textures, the unique, graceful fragrance, the delicate and magical colors, and its luxurious active ingredients, including Caviar

75 minutes : 115€

Rejuvenating effect – Bloomea fountain

A face care with rejuvenating effect,in 3 steps which intense moisturising and wrinkle reduction, helps skin appear more replenished and younger-looking, restores a more luminous complexion with exfoliation, vibration and luminotherapy

30 minutes : 110€

Massages : these are not in any way medical massages or physiotherapy but aesthetic models of comfort with no medical purpose. (Extract Law n°96-603 of 5 July 1996 - Article 16 Amended by Law n°2010-853 of 23 July 2010 - art. 48).