Practical Information

Our hygiene measures linked to the current disease situation

Member of one of the first French purchasing organization specialized in the hotel and restaurant sector, Les Sarments has always worked with qualified professional suppliers in order to meet the very specific standards and requirements of the hotel sector in terms of hygiene.

As we all adjust our behavior in this period of health crisis linked to the coronavirus, Les Sarments wanted to protect ever more the safety of their customers by adopting additional hygiene measures to those traditionally followed.

Because safety of our customers is a primary concern, we will continue to ensure that hygiene and cleanliness remain an absolute priority of our “Gîte”.

Measures relating to the cleaning of Les Sarments:

• We have chosen to leave the “Gîte” free of all occupancy for a period of almost 48 hours between two rentals. The goal is to ventilate the premises as much as possible between two occupants before complete cleaning.

• We clean and disinfect the premises with high-performance professional products, bactericides for the majority of them, and take special care in "high contact" areas (door handles, switches, remote controls, fittings, keys, etc.).

• We use disposable cleaning accessories.

• We completed the purchase of Retro Storm. This small ultra-powerful device is dedicated to decontamination of air and surfaces. The technology used, based on ozone, destroys in particular biological pollutants such as viruses, bacteria…

Measures relating to household linen:

Our household linen (bed linen, bathroom linen, tea towels in particular) is entrusted to a professional laundry, specialized in the hotel sector, which ensures washing (at 60 ° with detergent and products professional disinfectants) and ironing (at 200 °). Hygiene measures are therefore strictly observed.

Measures relating to maintenance personnel:

The personnel in charge of maintenance of the branches is equipped with gowns, masks, household gloves and overshoes in order to prevent any possible risk of contamination.

Distribution of hydroalcoholic gel for our customers:

Bottles of hydroalcoholic gel, in travel format, are available for our guests in each room.